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With our software management activity, we want to reach a target audience that is looking for solutions that are not yet available on the market, so we can provide them with efficiency or a new experience.

About us

As a member of the KVX Innovations group, our company specializes in software implementation. We support the entire process from the idea to the market, with the execution of software programming and development with our own team of specialists.

Our Softwares


The Movie and Series Ranking Platform
RanXteR was implemented based on an own idea, it is currently available in 5 languages and can be downloaded as an application from well-known stores in addition to being available on the web.
The target audience of RanXteR is the circle of movie fans who like not only watching movies, but also rating them and seeing its rank on the rank list of favorite movies.
On the platform, the watched film can be individually evaluated based on 4 main criteria, and based on the evaluations, the software sets up and continuously updates the user’s ranking list based on new evaluations.
Creating your own ranking list of the evaluation method is not a function available from other websites or applications, as well as the statistical data and statements extracted from the ranking list.
Because of these facts, we claim that RanXteR is a unique movie rating platform.

Maybe your favorite movie isn’t even your favorite movie?

More information and download: www.ranxter.us


The creation of our software called „TenMen – The logistics sourcing software” was inspired by the shortcomings and market gaps experienced in the field of freight sourcing.
Our project team has gained several decades of experience in the field of transport services, both on the customer side and on the service provider side. For this reason, they have a comprehensive view of the segment from all angles, so we were able to take into account the widest possible system of aspects when developing the logic and functionality of the software.
TenMen specifically supports the transportation needs that arise on a regular basis, i.e. it is suitable for handling tenders and competitive negotiations prior to long-term contracts.
Compared to its small number of competitors, TenMen’s special feature is that it standardizes processes, which helps to avoid any subsequent misunderstandings between the Client and the Carrier, and it is able to filter potential business partners by drawing from a large database, with the help of which the competition and selection of service providers specialized in the Client’s needs is carried out in a targeted manner .

TenMen is a platform where Cargo Owners meet Truck Owners.

More information: www.tenmen.eu and on YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OClTWmuvZKI&feature=youtu.be

Our current assignment is to create a tangible asset registration software that helps companies of any size to register and track the tangible assets issued to employees.

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